Roleplay with real people from all over the world

In Chatacting you are not yourself, but you are acting a role. Do you want to be a cop pursuing a speeding car, or would you like to try to break up with your spouse? Chatacting lets you experience situations you normally don't meet in everyday life.

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The chat starts of with a scripted intro and a few lines from each actor before you take over and create your unique story...

Chatacting is not like any other app, it really is FUN!
Great concept! ★★★★★
"This is a great idea for an app to help would-be actors to improve their skill."
- by  kingdomjj
Super fun! ★★★★★
"I love the idea of the app."
- by  Katie91011
Great Potential ★★★★★
"This app has a lot of potential."
- by  Jeff_Da_Killa23
Chatacting is really is FUN!


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Chatacting is really FUN!

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